Revelation of Law – Romans 3 – (2 parts)

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Knowledge…Hubert T. Lindsey

This MP3 audio on “Knowledge” was originally recorded at the Church at Birmingham in 1988. Later the service was dubbed to CD format and used by Brother Jim Denton for an AM Radio Broadcast in Fenton, MI.  Jim recorded a series of these nice Brother Lindsey “best sermons” and sent them to Rick Roehm. I then passed them to a brother at the Upper Room, Jim Allen from New Richmond Ohio who recently uploaded to Sermon Net and transposed these CD’s to MP3 format for the world to hear.  Got knows what is needed to get the job done. Well worth reviewing for the cause of Christ!


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Brother Hubert Lindsey

Holy Hubert a servant for Christ

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The Rapture of the Church

1.    One of the Bible’s strongest verses on the Rapture
2.    Anti-Christ revealed after the Rapture
3.    More Biblical evidence of the Rapture
4.    Distinction between Rapture and Second Coming
5.    Prelude to the Rapture
6.    The Rapture: God’s Sanctification of the Church
7.    Bride and Bridegroom (Summary) 
8.    The Bride in reference to the Rapture
9.    Three pictures of the saints – after the Rapture
10.  God’s preparation for the Rapture – outer work of the Spirit
11.  God’s preparation for the Rapture – the inner work of the Spirit
12.  Audio on the Rapture – Hubert T. Lindsey
13.  Biblical facts on Anti-Christ – part#1
14.  Biblical facts on Anti-Christ – part#2
15.  Biblical facts on Anti-Christ – part#3
16.  Biblical facts on Anti-Christ – conclusion
17.  Jesus is coming – W.E. Blackstone – (excellent expository)
18.  Who are the saints “after” the Rapture
19.  God’s upward calling – the Rapture

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Soul winner – Father of the Jesus Movement – late 60’s

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Taking Christ to the streets.

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Ephesians 4:22 – Put Off the Old Man (3 parts) – Hubert T. Lindsey

Many are unaware of the fact that putting off the Old Man happens after Salvation in the new birth. Brother Hubert Lindsey defines such truth with much clarity. He stated the Ephesian Letter was the best evidence in the Bible that proves the Old man is dealt with “after the new birth”.

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Revelation verse by verse – general outline – Rick Roehm

This outline on the book of Revelation was made by a class of brothers in Christ who compiled notes from a verse by verse study I gave. This document was originally typed, then archived, later scanned, and now converted to PNG file for upload to Internet. It is an in depth outline and very detailed format to help others further their Bible knowledge about the Revelation of Christ.

Complete Revelation outline in Word

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